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asbestos compensationWhen asbestos fibers – thin, sharp, and straight fibers that are resistant to fire, heat, and chemical/electrical damage – enter the lungs, they remain in the body for many years and eventually cause inflammation and scarring of lung tissue that can, in turn, lead to life-threatening lung conditions.

Asbestos-related diseases include asbestosis, mesothelioma, pleural plaques, and lung cancer. Treatment options for these illnesses are extensive and expensive, and patients can expect to engage in a long and painful battle. If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, you have the right to seek financial help, an asbestos claim, from the company you worked for during the period you were exposed to these harmful minerals.

Are you eligible for an asbestos compensation claim?

Although it is likely that you will develop an asbestos-related disease after prolonged exposure, the exposure itself is not enough to qualify for asbestos compensation. For you to successfully file a claim, you must be diagnosed with an illness caused by the exposure.

How much asbestos compensation can you claim?

Generally, you are able to file for a claim to cover:

  • Past and future medical expenses incurred for the treatment of your illness
  • Loss of income up to the date of settlement
  • Cost incurred for nursing care (or even care voluntarily provided by family and friends)
  • Emotional distress

How to file a claim:

To successfully file a claim, you must prove that your medical condition was caused by direct or prolonged exposure to asbestos. This requires an official report from your treating doctors or from a medical practitioner specializing in asbestos-related illnesses. Along with this medical report is your written testimony of when, where and how you were exposed to asbestos.

Ultimately, it comes down to proving to the court that the company was negligent in providing safety to their workers.If you are diagnosed with any of the life-threatening conditions caused by asbestos exposure, call an experienced solicitor right away.

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